Star: Boom Bingo

Star: Boom Bingo

Welcome to the new and exclusive Slingo Boom Star Room, which comes jam-packed with seeded jackpots ranging from £5 all the way up to £15. Play along with your fellow Slingo roomies and watch how high the pots go, since the more players there are, the higher the jackpots rise - so the more the merrier!


Slingo Boom is the PERFECT way to combine your slot and bingo needs.This exciting multiplayer game is bound to get your heart racing with its catchy background music and exquisite visuals. Its 5x5 grid works just like traditional 75-ball bingo rooms, but with the special surprise of slingo. Play now and see if YOU could be our next Full House winner.

How To Play

It’s easy-peasy getting to grips with Slingo Boom - it works just like any other slingo game, except now the reel that appears at the bottom of your grid is visible for every player in the room to see. This reel spins out automatically and, if any of the numbers that appear on it matches those on your 5x5 grid, they’ll be marked off. Your aim whilst playing is to get a ‘slingo’ – either a One Line, Two Line or Full House win, where FH winners take home a massive 50% of the prize pool!

At the top of your grid, you’ll find vital information like the room name, number of players, total prize, your stake and the spin number. Swipe through the pages to view other information like the call board and prize breakdown. As you play, you can use the buttons at the bottom of your grid to CHAT, DEPOSIT or play mini GAMES – these do exactly what they say on the tin and work to really make Slingo Boom feel like a truly communal, interactive experience.

Jokers, Super Jokers and Devils

Better keep an eye out for slingo’s Jokers and Super Jokers - these are your keys to cashing in on the big bucks! When a Joker symbol appears on your reels, it’ll guarantee a hit on the column above the reel where it lands. Super Jokers are also a hit, although this can be a random number anywhere on your grid for possibly even more chances to bag yourself a slingo! You’ll need to keep an eye out for the pesky Devil symbols, however – these appear on all reels and act as blockers to stop you getting those all-important grid hits. Fingers crossed they’ll stay away from your reels!

Return To Player

Prizes are allocated to the first player or players who complete the line configuration or pattern that is in play. The likelihood of winning depends on the eventual number of participants. The rake varies across different games within the range 0%-50%.



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