Sands of Fortune

Sands of Fortune

It’s time to go back to Ancient Egypt for a slot game that will reward you with gold and jewels galore! You’ll feel like Lara Croft as you raid these tombs for all of the treasure that you can get your hands on…


Set in Egypt, the Sands of Fortune slot allows players to delve deep into the culture of this land. Players will have the chance to reveal the hidden treasures that are waiting from a time when Pharaohs roamed the earth. Pharaoh’s often used hieroglyphics to leave a legacy and they have certainly used their powers to influence this exciting slot game!

How To Play

The rules of the game are very simple – you do not have to be an archelogy expert to work out the symbols in the game. The main objective is to spin the reels and find matching symbols on adjacent reels. There are 9 paylines active in the game, where players will have to land the winning symbols to get their hands on those jackpots.


Wilds & Jackpots

The wild symbol stands out more than any other symbol in the game and it also has the most power in the game as well. The wild, covered simply by the word ‘Wild’ will substitute for all other symbols in the game, except the scatter. The wild will also provide a double multiplier for any win it is involved in! Not only is the wild symbol clearly identifiable, the jackpot symbol is also very easy to spot, and is just as desirable. 5 of these symbols across the 5 reels will trigger something amazing as players will win the top prize for the game.

Treasure Pick Bonus

There is also another bonus round for players to enjoy and the bonus symbol will be the triggering emblem for the round. 3 or more of these symbols will activate the feature where players will have to choose wisely if they are to find the best prizes from the round. In this bonus, 3 pathways will be open to you and you must choose one to determine your fate: either fortune or trap. Whether this is a profitable round for you is entirely based on luck, so keep your fingers crossed while you play.


Return To Player

The game has a theoretical RTP of 93.76% which means for every £100 wagered it will pay out £93.76.



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