Mayan Riches

Mayan Riches

Travel through the breathtaking jungles of South America in this exciting slot game and unearth the treasures that are waiting to be found.  


Nobody is certain how the wealthy people of the Mayan culture lived their lives, but they definitely left some riches behind for you! Indulge yourself deep into a formerly populated forest and see what Mayan gems you can find. 

How To Play

Spin the reels to reveal matching symbols, all of which are connected to the theme of Mayan civilization.

The number of coins needed to spin the reels are in alignment with the number of paylines. In this game there are 40 paylines, which means it will cost 40 coins per spin in the Mayan Riches slot. The amount that you wager is not fixed though, as you determine just how much you want each coin to be worth.


Free Spins Bonus

The search for the Mayan Riches begins as soon as you start spinning these reels, but there are some ways to speed up the process of unearthing the treasures. One of the ways to uncover more jackpots is the free spins bonus round.

Common in most IGT slots, the free spins bonus will be activated by the scatter symbol, which is covered by the bonus symbol. 3 of these symbols will trigger the feature and you will earn an admirable coin multiplier on top of their free spins. 5 in total will be awarded and you can also retrigger the feature by finding the required symbols during the spins!

Stacked Wilds

The pyramid symbol will act as the wild symbol and the scatter is the only symbol not affected by the wild. With the ability to substitute for all other symbols in the game, the wild will appear frequently stacked on the reels to improve your chances of finding the desired Mayan Riches!


Return To Player

This game has a theoretical RTP of 92.50-94.98% which means for every £100 wagered it will pay out £92.50-94.98.



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