Cool Jewels

Cool Jewels

Brace yourself for some sub-zero wins and super-cool jackpots in this chilly online slot! Cool Jewels is your one-stop-shop for all things that glisten – and yes, they ARE gold!


Cool Jewels differs slightly to other online slots in that it is a grid-based game with no discernible paylines; instead, you’re presented with a dazzling array of coloured jewels, which you’ll have to match in order to snap up wins. This is easier than you think thanks to the Exploding Pays feature, which causes matching symbols to disappear – just like magic! Spaces are then left for new symbols which could potentially create endless, consecutive wins – how many payouts can YOU string together??

How To Play

You’ve only got one job to do before hitting SPIN in this simple-to-play slot – and that’s to set your BET MULTIPLIER using the drop-down menu to the left of the game. As soon as the game kicks into motion, you’ll be awarded a win when a matching set of 4 symbols appears horizontally or vertically on your 6x6 grid. These symbols then disappear from your reels to be replaced by symbols falling from above – this continues until there are no more winning combinations left.



There’s SO many Wilds in Cool Jewels, you won’t have ANY trouble bagging those all-important winning combinations! You can expect Exploding Wilds, Blasting Wilds and Shocking Wilds – these will kick into action as soon as they land in a matching group of symbols. The Wilds will destroy any extra symbols on your reels as follows, once any matching sets of coloured jewels have exploded off your reels:

  • Exploding Wild destroys all symbols connected to it
  • Blasting Wild destroys all symbols in spaces horizontally and vertically from its centre
  • Shocking Wild destroys all symbols in spaces diagonally from its centre

And the best bit? Land 3 Wilds horizontally or vertically adjacent to one another to create a Wild pair, which works to give you loads of extra perks like super-duper line multipliers! They’ll also become Locked Wilds if both Wilds in the pair are the same. Now THAT’S cool!

Free Games Bonus

If you like free games, you’ll LOVE what Cool Jewels has in store for you with this tip-top bonus. Trigger it by destroying a set amount of Bonus symbols – here’s the deal:

  • 4 Bonus symbols = 8 free games
  • 5 Bonus symbols = 10 free games
  • 6 Bonus symbols = 15 free games
  • 7 Bonus symbols = 20 free games

You’ll be awarded 5 extra games for every Bonus symbol you destroy as the free games play out. What’s more, all wins made during free games come with a 10x win guarantee for some super-sweet payouts.


Return To Player

This game has a theoretical RTP of 96.00% which means for every £100 wagered it will pay out £96.00.



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