Super Gems

Can YOU get your hands on some glittering gems? Find out in this shimmering game. Fast-paced, action-packed and LOADS of fun, you'd be a fool to miss out


Match up 5 or more of the same gems to win a prize, or find 6 of the same gem
to unlock a bonus game. If you're a fan of classic ‘match-3' skill games then
you'll LOVE this sparkler. Enjoy!

How to play

Simply choose your stake amount, and when you're ready to get going, click
PLAY. Easy peasy! There's also an AUTOPLAY feature if you'd rather let the
game play out for you. If you choose AUTOPLAY, you'll be able to select the
number of games you'd like to be played, the loss limit (autoplay will stop
when this is reached) and the single win limit. Click SET AUTOPLAY to begin
the autoplay mode.

Once you've started your game, the coloured gems will fall into place on the
screen. Match 5 or more of the same gems vertically or horizontally to create
a Gem Cluster. If you're lucky enough to get Gem Clusters, you'll unlock
special, glittering prizes. Once Gem Clusters have been created, they'll be
destroyed and will disappear from your screen to be replaced with new gems.
The game continues until no new Gem Clusters appear.

Free Goes

3 or more adjacent Free Go symbols unlock Free Goes. Pick 1 of the 6 cards
presented to you to reveal how many Free Goes you've won.

Bonus Games

Reveal 6 gem clusters in 1 game round to activate the Bonus Games. You'll get
a choice of 2 games:

  • Bonus Game 1: 2 cards are dealt. Pick one of them. If it has a prize on it, you'll win that prize. A new card will be dealt every time a prize has been won. New cards will keep being dealt until a COLLECT card appears, at which point any prizes that have appeared will be collected.
  • Bonus Game 2: Spin the wheel. Any prizes the wheel reveals are won, and you'll keep winning prizes until your wheel lands on an empty slot. When this happens, any prizes that have been won throughout the bonus are collected.

Return to player

This game has a theoretical RTP of 90.63%, which means for every £100 staked,
the expected return would be £90.63.

When the fun stops, stop