Super Cash Buster

If you liked Cash Buster, you'll LOVE Super Cash Buster, the Instant Win game that allows you to turn matching colour blocks into huge cash prizes. Let's hope that the block-busting power is with you, so you can get your hands on some super-duper cash


They called this game SUPER Cash Buster for a reason: there are even bigger
and better prizes on offer this time around, so if you fancy stepping things
up a notch from the old favourite, this is the game for you. There are also 2
mini games to get stuck into, so you're sure to have hours of fun!

How to play

Like most Instant Win games, this one couldn't be easier to play. Just use the
(+) and (-) buttons to set your stake, and when you're happy with your bet,
click PLAY.

You'll be given 7 rolls of the dice. After each roll, the dice will reveal a
colour, and any block of that colour in the Cash Buster Zone will be removed,
along with any adjacent blocks of that colour. Slots in the prize table will
be filled according to how many blocks you destroyed and the colour of those
blocks. For example, if you destroy 4 red blocks, 4 slots will be filled in
the red row of the prize table. Simple!

If you manage to destroy an ‘Extra Roll' block, you'll be given another roll
of the dice, whilst destroying a block with a prize amount on it gets you that
prize. Result! You'll also get to play a mini game if you destroy a mini game

Want to get your hands on a big win? Here's how:

  • If you fill a row on the prize table, you'll win the amount shown for that row
  • If you destroy a block with an instant prize on it, you'll win the amount shown on the block

When your game is finished, you can play again at the same stake as the
previous game by clicking the ‘Play' button on the message panel, or you can
click ‘Set Bet' to play again at a different stake amount.

Return to player

This game has a theoretical RTP of 88.25% which means for every £100 wagered
it will pay out £88.25

When the fun stops, stop